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Welcome to CantoKids!

Youth-led organisation• Free Cantonese Resources

Hong Kong is one of the most multicultural cities with children from many different language backgrounds.  Cantonese is the main language used across the city and in local schools.  However, Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students face obstacles in attempting to master the language because support is limited. Education inequality damages the society that we live in. 


CantoKids strives to fulfil Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education) through making learning more accessible by tailoring to those who learn Chinese as as second language. 

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About The Founder

I am a native Cantonese speaker born and raised in Hong Kong. My experiences growing up in local school showed me that many NCS students struggled with their Cantonese language. This meant they struggled both academically and socially.

Coming to the end of secondary school, I discovered a great interest in understanding how people learn and aimed to study a degree and follow a career based on this.

In Summer 2021, I therefore developed and held a free Cantonese summer class for NCS children (which is where the pics used are from) to develop my understanding through active experience and begin making an impact immediately. 

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What is included in this website?

Free Resources are provided including worksheets, vocabulary learning tools focused on three main themes: Daily life, School and Hong Kong culture, as well as recommendations of Cantonese YouTube channels that are suitable for children.

Who are these resources suitable for?

These are useful for NCS children aged 3-6 who are preparing to study in a local primary school in Hong Kong. However, they can be useful for any beginners who are interested in the Cantonese language around the world.

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