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To Parents:

Learning Cantonese can be useful in many ways:

If your child plans to study in a local school, being able to speak Cantonese increases their opportunities to socialize with peers and facilitates their learning at school to develop Chinese literacy skills.

In addition, if children are exposed to language learning strategies in languages other than their mother tongue at a young age, they are more likely to master these strategies to learn another language in the future. 

 QR Codes often at the bottom are recordings you can make use of for the pronunciation of words.

Your child can first learn the vocabulary then move on to complete the worksheets. 

粵拼(Jyutping ) is used for your easy reference of the pronunciation.
Here is a tutorial on YouTube of how to read Jyutping: 

Resources: About

We are not able to provide Jyutping for every word in the materials. However, for words you wish to know the pronunciation of, you may use the following link to help you convert Chinese characters into Jyutping by copying and pasting the word in the "Input Character" column.

Resources: Text

We provide both a Chinese and English version of our questions in the worksheets. The colours used are to indicate which words match with each other in meaning.

Resources: Text
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